Safety Standards For Pressure Vessels

Meeting Safety Standards For Pressure Vessels Manufactured Outside Manitoba

Pressure vessels including boilers, pressure piping, and related components intended for use within Manitoba must meet the requirements of two safety codes:

(1) ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and
(2) CSA – B51 standard

Together these codes form a minimum safety standard as expressed in the Manitoba Act and regulations. But what about pressure vessels manufactured outside Canada or the United States that do not carry the ASME certification?

These components may be used in Manitoba, provided three items are provided for review and acceptance by the provincial authority with jurisdiction in that area. All submissions, including drawing notations and code calculations, must be provided in English. Here’s what you need to know.

(1) Complete code equivalency proof. The qualified design engineer (a registered P.Eng) must prove the component was designed based on a code that’s equivalent to the ASME standard. That can be further broken down to include materials of construction, design calculation control, weld joint details including weld maps, specifics on non-destructive testing (NDT), heat treatment details, hydrostatic or pneumatic testing pressures, flange ratings, identification of code cases applicable to the design, reports of additional physical testing, and reinforcement calculations.

(2) Proving quality assurance equivalency. The company manufacturing the pressure vessel component must show evidence of a quality assurance program that meets or exceeds the ASME code or the ISO 9000 international quality system standard. That means a quality program which is accredited by ASME or the province of Manitoba. Authorized inspectors visit and review manufacturing facilities with the ability to witness or examine all materials, processes, and adherence to check-lists as per the quality assurance program.

(3) Proof of authorized facility inspection. As described in the second point above, all manufacturing facility inspections require an authorized inspector who is part of an organization meeting ASME accreditation standards.

Pressure vessel components manufactured outside Manitoba for use within the province must meet or exceed equivalent safety codes. Consultation with a professional engineer assures that all requirements are fulfilled.

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