Ready for a Career in Structural Engineering

Do you like to solve problems? Are you curious about how buildings and other structures are designed and put together? Would you like to have a part in this process? Then you might be interested in a career in Structural Engineering.

Generally considered a subset of civil engineering, structural engineering focuses on the analysis of structural elements, and how they are combined to create a safe, cost-efficient, and resilient building that will stand for many years. Structural engineers design systems for industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional applications in both the public and private sectors.

Here are some of the ways you can enjoy a rewarding career in structural engineering.

(1) Earn a bachelor’s degree in structural engineering or an equivalent area of study. You’ll learn the basics of statics and dynamics for various structural elements and gain a foundation in engineering design that will support you throughout your career. If you plan to work in Canada you’ll want to be sure your degree comes from an accredited engineering program.

(2) Learn computer-assisted design. As a designer or draftsman, you’ll have an integral part in creating accurate engineering drawings for all types of projects. You’ll need strong self-motivation and attention to detail to succeed in this field.

(3) Become a site inspector. With an educational background in structural engineering, you can work as a building site inspector, helping to ensure that structures are safe.

(4) Be part of the building process. Take your background in structural engineering and work in construction administration or project management.

(5) Work in technical sales or support. The building industry requires an army of knowledgeable engineers and technicians to specify components and support production.

A career in structural engineering brings daily challenges and the satisfaction of having a part in designing and constructing buildings that endure.

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