How to Get Accredited As a P.Eng in Canada

As an engineer trained in a country other than Canada, you may be interested in immigrating to one of the provinces and finding work as a professional engineer. Before you decide, there are a few things you’ll want to know about the process.

Canadian law requires that every practising engineer be licensed by one of the 12 provincial and territorial associations. A professional engineer (P.Eng) may only work within one jurisdiction but there are mobility agreements among the associations.

If you’re considering immigrating, before starting the process you can get a free assessment of how your engineering education compares to the Canadian standard. This assessment will help you make an informed decision about the types of work available for you in Canada.

Once you’ve done a little more research, here are the exact steps needed to become licensed as a professional engineer after immigrating to Canada. Before applying for a P.Eng licence, you’ll first need a permanent residence visa. Then follow these 4 steps.

(1) Contact the association in the province or territory where you plan to live and submit all required information, including documentation of your educational qualifications, employment and character references, and addresses of professional and educational institutions that can prove your engineering skills.

(2) Wait for review of your academic qualifications. Based on your intended engineering specialty, the association may require an additional written examination.

(3) Wait for review of your professional engineering experience. Most associations require three to four years of qualified work experience, along with 12 months in a Canadian environment, ensuring you are familiar with Canadian codes and standards.

(4) Successfully pass the professional practice exam recognized in your local area. Covering professional practice, ethics, engineering law and liability, the exam is the final step in reaching your professional goals.

Completing the licensing process may take several years, but using your skills as a professional engineer in Canada is worth the wait.

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