4 Steps to Get Your P.Eng Licence

Getting your P.Eng or Professional Engineer’s licence elevates you from newly minted engineering graduate to true professional status. And it’s a must for anyone in the profession who wants to advance.

Are you an engineer in Canada or a recent university graduate? As you start your professional engineering career, you’re probably looking for ways to climb the ladder quickly. Achieving a P.Eng takes just four steps, and as a graduate, you’ve probably already completed the first. Here’s what you need to do.

(1) Get your degree from an accredited engineering program. Over 200 programs at 35 Canadian universities meet the standards of the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board. If you’re going to school in another country, just be sure the program is the equivalent of an accredited Canadian engineering program.

(2) Register as an Engineer-In-Training with your local engineering licensing body. Once you have that degree in hand, you’re ready to take the first step on the P.Eng journey. Each provincial or territorial licensing organisation has an internship program. Becoming an EIT moves you up another rung on the ladder.

(3) Get on the job practical experience in the form of an internship, and become a true professional. Here’s where it gets good. As an EIT under the supervision of a P.Eng, you’ll apply the engineering theory and skills you learned in school in real-world projects. The work you do will improve your communication skills and help you gain a greater understanding of how engineers impact society.

(4) Complete a professional examination as determined by your local licensing body. Once you have the experience, it’s time to show it on paper. Get the details of examination schedules from your local licensing body. Some use the National Professional Practice Exam while others have their own exam. You’ll prove your understanding of the laws and code of ethics that all professional engineers follow.

Checked all the boxes? You’ll receive your P.Eng licence and an official seal to stamp your engineering designs and drawings. And you’ll join the elite community of over 160,000 Canadian professional engineers. You’ve earned it.

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